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What's With the Cow Impressions Anyway?

I've been doing these goofy celebrity cow impressions for nearly 20 years now. Back in high school I used to mimic a few classic actors and musicians and somehow got to thinking what they'd sound like if they were different animals rather than people. Would they still be recognizable and what would be the minimal sound I could make that others would be able to identify? Some animals worked better than others such as cats and cows, but ultimately I settled on cows for a variety of reasons.


I would practice new impersonations and make my friends try to guess them at parties or social events. After a while my repertoire grew and word spread. I'd meet someone somewhere and they'd say something like "hey aren't you the guy who does those dopey celebrity cow voices my friend (insert name here) told me about? Can I try to guess too??" Anyway it was a lot of fun and while some worked, a lot more didn't or needed waaaayyy more practice before they were ready for primetime. Traditionally I only allowed myself the "moo" sound to see if my audience could guess correctly, but in making the videos I found they were way too short and it was more entertaining if I padded them out a little with other sounds, words or short phrases. Besides, I was having a grand old time cooking up drawings and doing animations.


Eventually I could do more than 40 reasonably recognizable celebrity "moo's". So then what? Stand up comedy routine?  Oh yeah big draw if your whole schtick lasts about 3 minutes. Sure people love paying $20 a pop for a 3 minute routine. So until now these goofy impersonations I've been doing for so long have remained a parlor trick that I drag out now and then at parties, bars or luxury cruise line christening events where only heads of state can attend. Okay well that last part is pure fabrication of course.


Somehow I finally got the idea to share this silliness with anyone interested in wasting away a few minutes here and there. I have a day job (surprise) so am creating and posting these as I get time to make them. Hopefully it won't take long to build a complete catalog and I plan on opening it up to other people's impersonations too. Maybe I'll even throw in some "meow's," cricket chirps or aardvark sounds etc. Who knows? It's all for fun.






**Note - any resemblance to real persons living or dead is purely coincidence. This site and all materials on it are purely for entertainment, comic, satirical or editorial purposes.

What About the Other Junk?

Oh yeah - that stuff. I do have ads and donate links on the site to help me escape life in a cube and keep me in heaps of tasty, super healthy ramen noodles with those fabulous little freeze dried pellets that might once have been peas. Some of these are regular ad sponsors, but some are for my latest illustrated children's book  titled The Ball in the Hall. My hope is that some of you will end up reading and enjoying that too. Hey when you have a soapbox, why not use it to shill all your other stuff too?


I also included a whole section for some of the random comics and cartoon ideas I seem to produce in much the same way queen ants fill up the colony - only for me it's sketchbooks and table napkins. I have a bunch of other ideas I might add to the site one day if people like what's on here now. Use the contact form and let me know...

How Can I Help?

Glad you asked!!  Share with your friends, check out the book, make a donation, laugh so loud the neighbors call authorities and then share with them etc etc.

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